Gerber Principle Knife

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Gerber is all but synonymous with quality, American-made knives and multi-tools. But with the Principle Knife, they’ve really outdone themselves—making an incredibly durable and versatile fixed-blade knife with unbeatable edge retention. No matter what sort of outdoor activities you want to get into, it’ll be up to the task.

First, a Scandinavian-style grind makes the Principle’s edge stay sharper, longer. This uncommon grind uses the same V-shaped edge of everyday knives, but makes the angle even steeper—leading to excellent cutting power and edge retention without making the knife harder to resharpen.

Then, multiple gripping angles make this knife comfortable for any way you want to hold it. That includes using its 90-degree angle firestriker to start up your next campfire. Add in a full tang construction for maximum durability, and you have an amazingly effective knife that just won’t quit.

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