Gerber Prybrid Utility Tool

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Working six years at a high-volume grocery store, this is the tool I wish I’d had. Cutting boxes should never be done with a proper knife, and a standard utility blade really shouldn’t be used as a multi-tool (though it was always tempting to ask more of that utility blade than was fair). The Gerber Prybrid (think pry-tool hybrid) is compact with a replaceable utility blade on one end and a strong and sturdy pry bar on the other. 

Since this is Gerber we’re talking about, they naturally managed to make the Prybrid even more useful by adding a nail puller, flat head drivers, and a cord cutting notch. There’s also a bottle opener, which can be used to celebrate the fact that your knife will no longer be asked to pull utility blade duty, and your utility blade won’t have to pretend it’s a screwdriver.

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