Go Sun Portable Solar Oven

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As respect for nature gets more and more attention, backpackers and hikers are increasingly looking towards eco-friendly options for all of their gear. And what is perhaps the most strikingly not eco-friendly piece of camping gear? The gas-powered stove. 

But until now, there were very few options for reliably cooking your food without a gas-hungry camp stove. Go Sun is changing all of that, with the most impeccably designed solar camping gear available today. Their Portable Solar Oven is the most impressive of the bunch, weighing in at just two pounds and capable of cooking a full meal in just 20 to 30 minutes.

Because of its incredibly effective design, you don’t even need full sun to use it—as long as you can see a shadow, you can use it to cook or boil water. It’s a truly impressive piece of gear that’s perfect for the eco-conscious camper, ultralight backpacker, or dedicated survivalist.

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