Good Drinks

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When you tell your party host/bartender you’re not imbibing tonight (big day tomorrow, liver needs a break, just because) it’s nice to be handed something other than a warm can of Coke. In a winding trip across the US, author Julia Bainbridge asked bartenders to make something impressive, flavorful, and good — but skip the alcohol. The result is Good Drinks, a curation of fifty-plus drink recipes that are at once non-alcoholic and non-boring. 

Tea-based, coffee-based, juice-based and so on, the book presents booze-less versions of classic cocktails, as well as entirely new concoctions that just so happen to not contain spirits. Organized by time of day — from midday to happy hour to nighttime — and with a commitment level-rating for each recipe, the book will help you find ways to give up alcohol for a bit, without feeling like you’re giving anything up.

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