The Good Patch Hangover Patch

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I’m going to ask you to do something pretty unpleasant for just a moment: Think back on your worst hangover in recent memory. There’s no doubt that the night before was an absolute banger, and I hope you had the time of your life—but think hard on exactly how it felt to be reminded the next day that yes, in fact, you are a mere mortal yet again.

Dry mouth? Headache? Stomach churning? Achy all over? Yep, that’s a pretty solid hangover. And most of that is because of dehydration and a loss of vitamins and minerals.

The common advice is to pop a couple aspirin, but there’s actually a more pleasant solution that won’t put your stomach in danger of upset: The Good Patch. It’s a hangover remedy that you slap on your skin, then let its magical formula of hemp extract, B vitamins, and green tea do its thing. With this plus plenty of water, you’ll be back to feeling like a real person in no time.

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