Google Pixel Buds A-Series

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In marketing their own earbuds, Google is sending out a two pronged message: quality sound and low price. That first element makes sense. Earbuds bring us our music and our music must be respected. The second selling point sounds to us like a distinct jab at Apple’s $250 AirPods Pro. At just $99, Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series are a distinctly more affordable option. 

Google might be looking for a nibble from Bose’s Sport Earbuds market share too. To create the Pixel Buds, Google did what they do best, collected some data. This time in the form of scans of thousands of ears to create a shape that’s comfortable for the widest range of ear holes and a design that stays in even through strenuous workouts.  

A single charge gets you five hours of listening and the case adds another 24 hours to your tunes time. Using Google’s Find My Device, they’ll ring if you misplace them. Yes, they’ll work with an iPhone and while they’re not noise-canceling, the adaptive sound feature will adjust in accordance with the noises around you. All for under a C-note.  

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