Goose Island Next Coast IPA

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The time is always right to crack open a cold one — especially a tasty, well-made IPA from one of your favorite breweries. The Goose Island Next Coast IPA could be the best beer on the market to try now, especially if you live in Chicago and can snag some fresh, crisp brews for your fridge (or your immediate enjoyment — your call).

Goose Island has built a reputation for quality beer that precedes itself, making it a mainstay in the States and abroad — and the Next Coast IPA carries on that lineage quite nicely.

With a rich amber color that differs from several of the increasingly popular, hazy “juicebomb” IPAs on the market, the Goose Island Next Coast IPA still packs a serious punch in terms of flavor, made with classic hop varietals like Mosaic, Citra and Eureka, along with a just-right 7 percent ABV. This isn’t a beer for the faint of heart, but we think you’ll enjoy it all the same if you love a fresh, hoppy IPA (and really, who doesn’t?).

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