Review: GORUCK GR1 Field Pocket

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Organization is king when it comes to crafting an everyday carry kit that fits your specific purposes—whether that’s taking your work with you while you travel, heading out into the backcountry to get away from it all, or simply hauling your necessary gear for everyday life.

And with GORUCK’s GR1 Field Pocket, their already organization-heavy backpacks can become even more versatile. We picked one up to test with our well-loved GR1 rucksack, specifically to get a feel for how the Field Pocket can hold and how easy it is to use in practice.

The results are pretty impressive.

Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Attached To GR1

Who Is the Field Pocket For?

First of all, you’ll need one of GORUCK’s bags to make the most of the Field Pocket. But if you don’t have one of their bags (why not?), then any backpack or bag with a Molle webbing system will still benefit from the added storage and organization of the Field Pocket.

This pouch’s three liters of interior space gives just enough room to organize your easy-to-misplace essentials. Think phone, wallet, charging cables, pens, etcetera. Three interior pockets (two with zippers) make it easy to keep things separated and quick to access.

More than anything, we find the Field Pocket to be incredibly useful as a way to add both extra storage capacity and quick-access organization to our GR1 backpacks. It’s relatively easy to attach to the outside or inside of the bag, and its lay-flat design mimics the ease of access of all of GORUCK’s backpacks.

Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Open Flat

So if you often find yourself wishing for a little extra room with your tactical bag, or a little extra organization, the Field Pocket will be your new best friend. And because of its padding, you could also use the Field Pocket as an impromptu dopp kit or a camera accessory bag, too.

Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Open Front

Notable Features and Specs

  • Materials: 1000D Cordura; 500D Cordura for Tropic Multicam colorway
  • Dimensions: 9”W x 6”H x 2.5”D
  • Volume: 3 liters
  • Pockets: Two zippered, one non-zippered
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee
  • Beer Capacity: Three small or two large cans

One Possible Improvement?

The basic design of the Field Pocket is an admin pouch—or, more specifically, a double-wide admin pouch. We own a few admin pouches from different brands, and in almost every way the Field Pocket meets or beats its competitors.

With one minor exception. In our opinion, it would be really great if the Field Pocket had a way to attach a shoulder strap to it. As it is, carrying it by the built-in handle means that you’ll be turning the contents of the bag upside down. Not a huge deal, but having a simple D-ring attachment so you could carry the bag separately would make it even more versatile than it already is—and you’d be able to keep the contents upright the whole time you’re carrying it.

Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Upside Down
Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Right Side Up

Final Verdict

Overall, the GR1 Field Pocket does just about everything we want it to. It’s as tough as GORUCK’s bags, with easy-slide zippers and an excellent organization system. 

Its Molle webbing attachment system is elegant and easy to use, but holds well even under stress. 

Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Molle Webbing Open
Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Molle Webbing Attached To Bag

For 50 bucks, it’s really just an incredible bag if you need extra storage and know you want your gear to last a lifetime.

Review: GoRuck GR1 Field Pocket: Attached To GR1 Backpack

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