GoRuck Heritage GR1 in Waxed Canvas

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Back in 2008, GoRuck founders Jason and Emily McCarthy were somehow managing to hold jobs in the Special Forces and the CIA while starting a backpack company from a house in West Africa. Unwilling to sacrifice on, well, just about any quality standard, they had a rocky start. But once word got out about their uncompromising approach to making the best packs on the planet, the company took off—and now, they’re still making some of the finest quality gear around.

The waxed canvas GoRuck Heritage GR1 is a throwback to the company’s original intentions, now equipped with everything they’ve learned through a dozen years of testing and new iterations. Made in the USA from Special Forces-grade materials, it’s heavily inspired by the rucks carried by combat medics in the field. If you want a backpack that’s guaranteed to last forever, this is the one for you.

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