GoRuck Rucker 3.0

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Rucking is the practice of loading your pack with heavy, weighted plates, slinging it over your shoulders, and then running, jogging, or otherwise incorporating physical training into the mix. Squats, pushups, and presses are popular Ruck PT moves. 

It goes without saying that whatever pack you use for such abuse needs to be pretty dang tough. GoRuck has built their rather sizable reputation on building bags that can take a beating, even with 30 plus pounds of extra weight thrown inside. Specifically built for rucking, the GoRuck Rucker 3.0 continues the legacy of toughness, but doubles down on comfort, adding padded lumbar support, anti-chafe shoulder strap materials, and an upgraded sternum strap to help spread out the load. 

Of course when you’re not training with heavy metal plates, the pack also serves as an organized, everyday backpack with tons of pockets and sleek good looks. And good luck testing the limits of its durability. 

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