GoRuck Rucker 4.0

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Just like Liam Neeson’s CIA operative, the GoRuck Rucker 4.0 has a very particular set of skills. Namely, the ability to hold a very heavy cast iron plate in its depths so you can run, lunge, pushup, and otherwise engage in the no-joke training that is rucking. Previous Ruckers did a fine job of carrying heavy ruck plates comfortably, but the zippers on the packs tended to bust when a loaded pack was unceremoniously slammed to the ground by enthusiastic (or simply dog-tired) rucking enthusiasts. 

To solve that problem, the Rucker 4.0 replaces those interior zippers with a generous helping of hook and loop closures. The improvement is a happy side effect of their Scars Lifetime Guarantee which says if you bust their packs, they’ll repair them. See, busted zippers were the main reason they’d see packs turned in for repair. 

Of course, the pack has all the other features that make exercising while carrying an extra 30 pounds of iron possible—and maybe almost pleasurable—for those with a particular set of training proclivities. 

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