GoRuck Rucking Half Zip

GoRuck Rucking Half Zip


Is your closet packed with gear from GoRuck? Or at the very least, one or two great pieces? If not, now is a prime time to start — particularly given that you’re going to want to layer up in style for winter with the GoRuck Rucking Half Zip.

It plays off the brand’s penchant for stylish, durable and incredibly effective gear that’s made with a tactical design and plenty of rugged appeal in mind. The Rucking Half Zip in particular is a heavyweight performance jacket, designed to resist abrasions and wick away moisture at the same time.

Like many of the brand’s pieces, it features a soft interior and yet a durable exterior, the perfect piece to match up with GoRuck shorts or a GoRuck tee. Call us crazy, but with all of that stylish gear in tow, you’re going to be set for your next half-marathon, Ironman or a neighborhood jog — assuredly. – $95


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