GoRuck Rucking Hoodie

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This hoodie is many things, but one thing it’s not is cotton. That’s probably what most of your current hoodies are made from, which is probably fine for strolling out to get a coffee. Just don’t do anything sweaty in it. That’s what this hoodie is for. Made from sweat-wicking Polartec, the Rucking Hoodie is abrasion resistant, stretchable, and very durable, just like anything you get from GoRuck.

If this pullover can hold up to the demands of rucking — endurance training (or just walking) with a weighted backpack — you can bet it’s going to withstand any workout you give it. Featuring intelligent details like no hood strings (what are those for anyway?) and kangaroo pockets at the proper height, this hoodie weighs less than most cotton numbers but acts like it’s made of steel. Very breathable steel. – $85

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