Gourmia Breakfast Station Center

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Eggs on toast lives up in the winner’s circle of easy-yet-sustaining breakfasts. Protein, iron, vitamins, and carotenoids in the eggs. Sustaining, energy-boosting carbs in the toast (especially if you trade up for some of that nice whole grain). Also, egg-on-toast is far more satisfying than a bowl of oat bran with hemp milk. So the kitchen appliance people over at Gourmia came up with an all-in-one cooker that cranks out this breakfast staple in a hurry. 

We see this working well for studio apartments, tiny home dwellers (on grid power), people going through kitchen renovations, and anyone who likes the idea of only plugging in one thing. The Breakfast Station Center will brown up toast, bagels, and frozen waffles in the dual-slot toaster. In the multi-purpose appliance riding sidecar, you can cook up your eggs — either fried two at a time on the hotplate, or hard boiled using the included egg tray. There’s also a steam tray for steaming breakfast patties or veggies. Toasting and cooking happens simultaneously (though just one cooking function at a time). For a footprint that’s a little under a cubic foot, it’s one dynamic little toaster. 

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