Gozney Dome Outdoor Oven

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If you think cooking outside means a black charcoal Weber, you’re kind of right. The old way is still a solid means for grilling up some grub. But anyone who’s on the hunt for the latest and greatest way to cook under the open sky, commercial and residential oven company Gozney would like to offer a brand new machine to your wishlist. 

The Dome Outdoor Oven is a wood-fired oven (with the option of a wood and gas combo) that can rocket up to 950°F thanks to the 30 mm-thick stone floor, dense insulation and sealing door. It stands about two feet tall and is a little over two feet wide, giving you eighteen by twenty inches for roasting, smoking, steaming, and baking. For baking bread, there’s even an optional steam injector for a better rise and crispy crusts. The built-in thermometer and dual meat probes let you keep tabs on heat levels, which you can adjust with the dial-operated airflow adjuster. 

The exterior is a tough bonded ceramic coating that’s UV stable so the Dome can handle hanging out in the elements. And there’s a small storage shelf for your six-inch pieces of wood fuel that gives the oven a cool pizza kitchen vibe. They’re taking names for anyone interested now, with the units shipping out next March. Get on the list and come next spring you’ll be cold smoking, slow roasting, and pizza firing in the great outdoors surrounded by the sweet scent of wood smoke. 

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