Grado SR225X Prestige Headphones

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There’s so much music out there now, you’ll never have a chance to listen to a fraction of it. While that may make a completionist want to chew fingernails, the good news is there’s a beat out there for each and every one of us. Should you want to listen to your chosen selection in comfort and purity of sound, go for the Grado SR225X Prestige Headphones. 

What’s so impressive about them? The clarity of sound comes courtesy of their reengineered 44mm drivers that work in tandem with the housing to reduce distortion and deliver great high and low ends, and a mid-range that makes you think you’re listening to your favorite song for the first time. The SR225X were also given a comfier, more cushioned headband and an upgraded 8-conductor cable that transfers more information to the drivers. 

Yet that’s not even the coolest part. Each and every pair of Grado Prestige Headphones are made by hand, in Brooklyn, just like they have been since 1953. 

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