Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC253

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As Grand Seiko does, the SBGC253 is genius-level efficiency—with a really pretty face. Looking at the front of this titanium watch, you’ll see a series of hard edges, quick lines, and gadget-forward aesthetics. And how does Grand Seiko bring all these aggressively sporty elements together? With zen-like harmony in the form of its textured ivory dial that looks conversely organic, like silk had been aimlessly woven onto the watch’s surface.

There’s loads of brand-specific function here too, not least of which comes from the comfortably modular H-link bracelet. This GMT chronograph is powered by the Spring Drive movement, the kind only Seiko, who’s mastered both quartz and mechanical tech, can develop. It has the accuracy of the former, but the torque of the latter.

Price: $12,000

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