Great Divide Hopnaut Double Juicy IPA

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Finally. A beer from space. OK not really. But that’s coming. Since brewing beer was pretty much the first thing we did after forming civilizations, it’ll probably be one of the first things we do once we get settled in space. To tide you over until you’re sipping on a Lunar Lager or Martian Maibock, the good people out of Colorado’s Great Divide Brewing Company have a spacy, juicy stand-in. 

As part of their experimental Tank Farm series, where they get to try new things, the Great Divide Hopnaut Double Juicy IPA tries a new thing with hops. That thing is double-dry hopping with “an unearthly amount” of them. They went with some bright and juicy favorites like Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops. Curiously, no Galaxy hops went into their space-themed beer, which is probably a testament to the brewer’s integrity — they’re not selecting the hops for their names, but for the aroma and flavor they lend. The result — with its notes of stone fruit, citrus, bubblegum, and pine — is (pun intended) out of this world. 

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Black Friday Sales