Great Divide Peanut Butter Yeti Imperial Stout

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Look West when it comes to your next covetable, delicious and one-of-a-kind beer, and be sure to look in your fridge to ensure you’ve got enough space before stock up on it. We’re talking about the Great Divide Peanut Butter Yeti Imperial Stout, the kind of beastly beer that the Abominable Snowman himself would likely want to imbibe on cold winter nights.

Mythology aside, this beer really does have something legendary going for it, and that’s the history of Great Divide and the sort of inspired brewing that can only come from crisp, clean mountain air and the finest ingredients. Plus, it helps that the can design is pretty neat, which is seemingly a must-have for beers these days (and who doesn’t love some color to shake up a snow winter, right?).

The brewery says they’ve managed to bottle a dark chocolate peanut butter cup in a can, and that sounds so incredible, we’ve just got to get our hands on some of it. We know the Yeti himself might agree. 

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