Greats The Wythe Knit

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The shoemakers extraordinaire over at Greats are at it again, subtly redefining the shoe styles you know and love. Their new edition of The Wythe Knit shoe is nothing short of amazing, with a design inspired by the sleekest of running shoes but tastefully updated for all-day casual wear. They’re lightweight and breathable, and both the cream and navy blue color choices play well with all of your outfits, whether you plan on dressing them up or keeping it comfy.

Better yet, these knit shoes are beyond sustainable—they actually help to reverse some of the effects of climate change. How? The footbed and outsole are made with specially engineered algae harvested from overpopulated ecosystems. And the uppers are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. That means every pair of these shoes cleans 104 liters of water, and returns 65 cubic meters of clean, fresh air to the environment.

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