Grovemade Titanium Pen

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If ever you’ve gotten caught on an excursion or during a meeting without the proper pen, you know the consequences can be quite regrettable. Run out of ink, misplace your pen entirely, or grab one that’s not up to snuff, and you’ll face the music pretty quickly. The small details certainly make the difference when it comes to the products you rely on every single day, and when it comes to your pen, anything less than the very best just won’t do (trust us, we’d know). 

The Grovemade Titanium Pen solves all of your writing utensil problems in one fell swoop, equipped with a stylish stand for storage at home (and yet, durable construction for heavy use out in the field). We love the lightweight titanium build and dependable looks, too. This is one pen you won’t lose track of, and it’ll surely last you for the rest of your lifetime. 

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