Grovemade Wood Headphone Stand

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Grovemade builds stuff for your workspace that borders on sculpture. Handcrafted and made from wood, metal, and leather, their desk accessories manage to humanize all this space-age gleaming tech we surround ourselves with on a daily basis, bringing it back down to earth. 

Their Wood Headphone Stand not only looks great as it holds your listening devices aloft, it weighs a solid two-plus pounds so you can grab up your headphones one-handed without tipping over the stand. Made from full grain leather, stainless steel, and your choice of black walnut or hardrock maple, it’s a made-in-the-US product coming from Grovemade’s Portland, Oregon shop and their partner in New Hampshire. With both looks and utility, this stand is worthy of those noise-cancelling, bass-pounding, get-to-work headphones you just picked up.  

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