Growler Crate

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Growler CrateTrue craft beer connoisseurs prefer to get their fix straight from the brewery, transporting their full beer growlers back home after a visit to the brewpub for a fill up of fresh hops and barley. The one and only down side to using beer growlers is that they can occasionally spill over into the seat on the ride home. Upholstery can be cleaned, however spilled beer is a downright catastrophe. With the Growler Crate on hand, beer growler mishaps are virtually eliminated. Crafted from solid acacia-wood, the Crate features two separate compartments for your growlers, separated by a wood buffer so that your beer rides safely and comfortably on the way home. Because you can never be too careful with finely crafted beer, we prefer to buckle them in with the seat belt as well.
Growler Crate $44

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