Gunther Werks 993

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There are few cars with the kind of einhorn status as the Porsche 993 enjoys. As rare as it is to see one, even fewer ever get to sit behind the driver’s wheel of one. The Gunther Werks 993 is equally exclusive, as it should be. This car is exceptional. 

You can see the carbon fiber body right away as you marvel at the lightweight engineering behind this already near-perfect machine. Gunther Werks calls their 993 a “modern and respectful homage of Porsche 993’s iconic heritage — a high-performance, bespoke vehicle paying homage to the naturally aspirated Porsches of a quarter-century ago.”

One glance at this car reveals their dedication to achieving perfection through the art of appreciation. This 993 is what happens when passion dedicates its heart and soul to the craft. 

If you are able to get close enough to it, pop the door or take a look inside. You will see a flawless blend of 911 legacy with the comfort of the 993 era. It is more like a remix, making something fresh out of beloved classics. 

Carbon fiber bucket seats keep you where you want to be, inside this car. The rear-seat delete just makes sense in a car like this. Premium Alcantara, carbon fiber, and billet aluminum accents tailor the atmosphere for Porsche royalty. 

This isn’t a refurbished 32-bit system from the ’90s, it is a remastered greatest hit. The GW-993 is a bespoke opportunity to see what it is like to own a brand new version of a classic, built from today’s perspective.

As you should expect, there is a naturally aspirated engine in the rear of the GW-993. It is a 4.0L flat-6 developed by Rothsport. Tuned to perfection, this 6-cylinder produces 431 horsepower with 312 pound-feet of torque. Best of all, this 993 only weighs 2,677 pounds giving it an impressive 6.2 pounds per hp ratio.

Gunther Werks customizes the gear ratio of the original Getrag G50 6-speed manual transmission to bring a smoother balance into the driving experience. LED lighting upgrades all around keep your visibility clear compared to sports cars from the ’90s.

If you want a 993, Gunther Werks is rolling the red carpet out for you. Your customizable selections will ensure your Gunther Werks 993 is truly one of a kind. From choosing the interior materials to the accent colors, there will never be another one quite like yours.

They are even adding modern multimedia technology to ensure you have full smartphone connectivity and integration. Enjoying amenities like that in the classics is always a treat. If nothing else, it’s always nice to have your favorite tunes along for the ride.

On top of that, Gunther Werks is only building 25 of these. As soon as word gets around, they will not last long. Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most beautiful cars of all time with a modern touch.

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