GXV Patagonia Expedition Vehicle

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Global Expedition Vehicles are not intended to take you to a concrete slab in a campground RV park. They are intended to take you anywhere you want to go, even if that happens to be the middle of the Gobi desert or somewhere along the Amazon. Each one is built to order in their 65,000 square foot facility in Springfield, Missouri and every vehicle they make comes with enough fuel and water plus four-by-four performance to get you where you need to go and let you stay there for a good while.

While you can design your build from scratch, taking a look at one of their model concepts gives you a feel for just what a GXV can do. The Patagonia caught our eye with its military-style bearing paired with a slew of hotel-grade amenities. On the exterior, the Patagonia Expedition Vehicle rides on the chassis of your choice, from Unimog to Mercedes to Freightliner and more. Eight-hundred watts of solar ride up top while two-hundred gallons of diesel hang out below — far more than enough power for everything inside.

In addition to a queen bed, there’s a full kitchen, washroom with shower and cassette toilet, and a fifty-two inch wide opening wall that gives you sweeping views of wherever it is you asked your expedition vehicle to take you. – Shop Now

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