Harpoon Flannel Friday Ale

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Forget about Hawaiian shirt Friday.  Fall is upon us and it’s time to bust out the flannels and cozy up to the bar for some honey-hued spirits that will warm the cockles of your heart.  You can start with Harpoon’s Amber Ale, dedicated to the flannel-wearing folk who aren’t afraid to look like lumberjacks or ‘90s grunge throwbacks.
This medium-bodied adult beverage features 5.7% ABV of bright hops atop a malty foundation.  Garnet-tinged amber goes down easy thanks to hints of citrus and tropical fruit, offset by a subtle pine that perfectly pairs with your favorite fall flannel.  When leaves are crunching underfoot and the air develops a marked chill that sends you running to unbox your flannels, it’s time to pop the top on this hoppy amber ale and feel the warm fuzzies until the first snow flurries drift from on high. – Learn More

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