Heavens Door Bootleg Whiskey Volume III

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Say what you will about Bob Dylan’s overall musical talents, but that guy could really write a song. But the famous folk singer’s talents don’t stop at music: He’s dabbled in just about anything artistic, and purportedly loves a good glass of whiskey.

Whether you’re a fan of his Bootleg series of albums or not, the new Heavens Door Bootleg Whiskey Volume III is set to be an absolutely astounding bottle of liquor. This edition of this exceptionally rare spirit, features a 13-year-old Kentucky bourbon finished in Vino de Naranja Casks for a truly unique flavor, aroma, and texture. And if it’s anything like the previous two volumes, this cask-strength whiskey will be bursting with rich and complex tasting notes of citrus, spice, and caramel.

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