Hennessey Mammoth 1000 6×6 TRX

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You may think the Mammoth went extinct but you might be mistaken. There are few things more intimidating in the truck industry than a 6×6 screaming to the tune of 1000 horsepower. That’s what you will be facing if you ever see this Hennessey Mammoth 1000 6×6 TRX in the wild. 

Striking fear into anything in its way, Hennessey built this custom Mammoth 6×6 from a RAM TRX. They obviously made quite a few tasty modifications along the way. 

For starters, the Mammoth is the largest truck ever made by Hennessey. If it’s a measuring contest, this Mammoth brings 283 inches of length to the table. The Mammoth stands seven feet tall and 88 inches wide.

Hennessey Mammoth 1000 6×6 TRX

Under the hood you will find a supercharged 6.2L Hellcat V8 engine producing 1,012 brake-horsepower with 969 pound-feet of torque. That just makes you want to get on it even more. Hearing the purr with the supercharger hum should really get your motor going, both figuratively and literally.

Other notable highlights include plenty of off-roading upgrades including a Bilstein suspension system and locking rear axles. You’ll find 20-inch wheels fitted with 37-inch off-road tires all around the Hennessey Mammoth. All six of them.

Besides adding a third axle and extending the bed, Hennessey loads the Mammoth up with a long list of upgrades. They upgraded the supercharger and several supercharger components. You will also find smaller upgrades including higher performance spark plugs and high-flow fuel injectors. 

Inside the Mammoth you will find Hennessey embroidered headrests. There are a few other Mammoth exclusive finishing touches inside and outside the 6×6 beast, including a serial number plaque.

Hennessey Mammoth 1000 6×6 TRX

For a mere $449,950, the Mammoth 6×6 can be yours but there is one more catch. Hennessey Performance is only making a total of them available each model year. Other than that, if you can get your hands on a Mammoth, you can drive the hell out of it. That’s because it comes with a comprehensive two-year, 24,000-mile warranty.

You will see it coming, you will hear it coming, and you will feel it coming. That’s the Hennessey Mammoth 1000 6×6 TRX in a nutshell. The only question left is will you be the one driving it or drooling over it?

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