Hennessy XO x Frank Gehry 150th Anniversary Cognac

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The Disney Concert Hall in LA. The Pop Culture Museum in Seattle. The Brain Health building in Las Vegas. If you’ve seen a Frank Gehry building, you immediately recognize the architect’s work — angles that shouldn’t be possible, metal and glass facades that float into the air. The man started designing buildings in the 1950s and decided from the outset he had no desire to do anything boring. 

To celebrate 150 years of making their iconic XO style of cognac, the French distillery invited Gehry to design a bottle. The result is not something you’d idly pass by if it were sitting on the shelves of a spirits purveyor near you. Taking inspiration from the Charente River that runs through Hennessy’s HQ in Cognac, France, the crinkling gold-dipped-bronze reflects and bends light around the smooth, silky brandy. 

Just 150 numbered and signed bottles will be produced, followed by a wider release of not-quite-as-limited bottles designed by Gehry launching market-wide. Keep an eye out if you like your cognac with a little pizazz. 

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