Hims Hair Power Pack

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If you’re a guy looking for lifestyle and wellness upgrades without a ton of waiting or a ton of fuss, have we got a solution for you. That would be Hims, makers of wellness supplements and helpful products in just about every category a guy could need. That includes, of course, your hair, but we’re not exactly talking about a trip to the barber shop when it comes to hair care. 

The Hims Hair Power Pack is a different sort of haircare treatment altogether, featuring a custom kit led by finasteride pills to stimulate hair growth. Gummy vitamins plus a thickening shampoo and conditioner are also critical elements to target hair loss every step (every follicle?) of the way. Oh, and the best news is perhaps the fact that between three and four months of usage, finasteride itself helped hair regrowth in 85 percent of men. We like those odds — how about you? 

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