Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins

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Black Friday Sales

If you’ve taken an interest in upping your wellness and grooming game across the board, perhaps you’ve been intrigued by the sleek designs and highly effective products being slung by Hims. This brand is far from being all talk, offering up excellent skin and haircare products (we particularly love the brand’s Anti-Aging Kit), in addition to more wellness-oriented essentials — like the Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins, for instance.

The Sleep Gummy Vitamins are a highly unique and highly essential addition to your daily routine, made with chamomile and L-theanine to help you produce melatonin naturally and get a great night’s sleep (seriously — you can take these gummies up to three times a night).

Lest you think these are another not-so-great-tasting vitamin, the folks at Hims have come up with a pomegranate and raspberry flavor to finish things off. A better night’s sleep in gummy vitamin form? You’d better believe it.

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Black Friday Sales