Hopworks Organic IPA

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Consumers care more than ever about where the food on their table and in the fridge comes from — there’s no arguing about that. Craft beer consumers, a notoriously fickle and hard-to-please bunch at times, have been taking that approach for years when it comes to diving deep into the varieties of hops packed into the beers they (and we) love, and we can’t blame ‘em for that. It’s why the Hopworks Organic IPA stands out in an ever-growing craft beer field, using rich organic Northwest hops for a drinkable year-round beer, resulting in an absolutely impressive flavor profile.

Hopworks calls the newly updated IPA a juice bomb, and if you like the sound of that, you’re in for a treat — it’s fruity without being overpowering, finished off with a touch of toasty flavor via Munich malts. It’s a mouthwatering combination that’s all the better given that it all starts with organic hops — a difference you can taste. – Learn More

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