Huckberry DIY Survival Tin

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Can you survive anything? Can you survive (OK, nearly) anything without spending an arm and a leg to get out of a jam in the wilderness? That remains to be seen, but the Huckberry DIY Survival Tin at least gives you more than a fighting chance — for just under $40, at that.

It’s an ingenious gear pick-up from a lauded retailer that seamlessly blends the great outdoors with modern tools for the modern man, and the DIY Survival Tin is absolutely no exception to that rule. It starts with durable-yet-compact steel storage tin, able to fit easily into your backpack. It continues with the inclusion of everything from a multi-tool to a wire saw to a handy flint and striker — these are all tools you might not think you need … until you really, REALLY need them on your next outdoor adventure.

Also included in this nearly unreal bundle of easy-to-transport, essential lifesavers? A knife, a compass and paracord — plus a fishing kit and a high-decible whistle. Seriously, Huckberry thinks of everything — and the DIY Survival Kit proves that down to a T. – Shop Now

Huckberry DIY Survival Kit

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