Huupe Smart Basketball Hoop

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If there’s one thing that everyone could use a little more of in their life, it’s fun. But after that, exercise is definitely the next most important addition. And lucky for you, Huupe’s Smart Basketball Hoop combines the two into one smart device.

The basics are this: If you imagine Peloton’s guided workouts translated to an interactive basketball hoop, you get the Huupe. Using a high-def screen as a backboard, it offers a fully engaging experience that will motivate you to new heights of hoop stardom—whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro on the court. And through its internet connectivity, the Huupe lets you compare and compete with other users, giving back that sense of comradery that you’d usually find in a pickup basketball game at the park. Overall, it’s a fully integrated system for putting the fun back in fitness, no matter where you live.

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