Imperial Field Shave Kit

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When you want a barber-grade shave, you go to the barber, right? Not so, thanks to Imperial and their line of barber-approved grooming products. The Imperial Field Shave Kit is conveniently packaged for shaving on the road, but the premium products create a classic grooming experience whether you’re in your bathroom or at base camp. Included in the portable bag are Imperial’s all natural, barber-approved pre-shave oil, glycerine shave soap puck, field shave soap canister, boar hair travel shave brush, and bergamot after-shave. And for fellas who do take their kit on the road, they’ve included a pocket-sized Field Notes.

Whether shaving by flashlight or fluorescents, start by giving your mug a good scrub with the glycerin soap. Next, soften up your stubble with the pre-shave oil — the essential oil blend is all about giving you the best razor glide to cut down on nicks and rashes. Then drop the puck in your field soap canister, add water, and stir up some suds with the soft, natural boar bristle brush. Give your whiskers a thorough lather, then grab your favorite razor and commence shaving. Finish up with a splash of fresh Bergamot after-shave: it’s packed with antiseptic witch hazel to tone and restore balance, macadamia nut oil to calm and hydrate, and a refreshing bergamot scent to match your mood to your newly invigorated face. – $60

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Black Friday Sales