Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max

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Graphene is a fascinating substance with a ton of promising uses. In Inov-8’s case, it’s used to enhance the foam of their Trailfly Ultras, resulting in a running shoe that’s literally unlike any other. Graphene, a layer of carbon atoms in a honeycomb-like lattice, makes the foam exceedingly pliant. This G-FLY foam gives back 25 percent more energy and consistently keeps the underfoot rebound at max levels. This responsiveness is especially helpful for outdoor distance runners.

Inov-8 is an adventure-focused brand founded in the mountainous British Lake District. As their name, and this shoe, suggest, they’re all about using science-based athletic technology to push the limits of the explorer-athlete lifestyle. Naturally, the TrailyFly Ultra G 300 Max shoes are the first trainers in the world to use Graphene-enhanced foam.

Style-wise, these low-profile trainers are an eye-catching bright green and black, with several textures and lines. Even if all you’re looking for is a fun and comfortable casual sneaker, it doesn’t hurt to go with the world’s grippiest trail shoe.

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