Inventery Bolt Action Pen – L

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With the start of a new year comes time to reflect and take stock of your goals and resolutions — maybe by writing them down with a stylish and dependable pen like the Inventery Bolt Action Pen, right? That’s the way we’d go about it, at least.

Adding a high-performing pen to your everyday carry can often be a bit overlooked, especially in a day and age where so many use their phone’s Noes app rather than write something down (guilty as charged). But the Inventery Bolt Action Pen makes it easy to change all that, and you might even come to enjoy the process. That is to say, this pen is made from raw brass stock, making it rugged, and equipped with a high-speed maneuver release — making it very easy to use on the fly.

Take it with you to the office, keep it handy during weekend travel, and be prepared to power through journaling in the new year with the Inventery Bolt Action Pen. – Shop Now