Jack’s Abby Copper Legend Lager

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We welcome the changing seasons for several reasons, from the chance to dive once again into the tough, burly fabrics of our fall wardrobes right on down to the opportunity to add some serious heft back into what we’re drinking. By that, we mean classically rich (but not overpowering!) beers like the Jack’s Abby Copper Legend, an excellent beer to start enjoying as the second September weekend rolls around — and then continuing enjoying into October.

Coined as a “malty, smooth and exceedingly drinkable lager” by the folks at Jack’s Abby, we couldn’t agree more — it’s an accessible beer to welcome the changing seasons, made with Noble hops and boasting an agreeable 5.7 percent ABV.

In short, it’s the ideal beer to enjoy alongside a bratwurst at your next tailgate, and its rich copper color and classic Octoberfest flavor undoubtedly welcome in everyone’s favorite season. At least, it’s arguably our favorite season. And with all that being said, we’ll raise a glass — preferably filled with some of the best new beer out there from Jack’s Abby.

“A malty, smooth and exceedingly drinkable lager.”

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