Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee

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Jagermeister famously delivers amped-up beverages that have gotten more refined and sophisticated over time — and that’s great news, seeing as those days are long gone for most of us. But did you expect Jagermeister to delve into the world of cold brew? That’s precisely what the brand plans to do in the months ahead, and it’s a fittingly bold drink to add to your rotation of beverages — seriously, trust us on this one.

It perfectly blends rich cold brew coffee with the classic taste of Jagermeister, a combination that’s fitting given the power behind both beverages in terms of flavor. Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee uses Arabica coffee beans to deliver uncompromising flavor and the promise of a proper jolt when you need it the most.

Think of this as a pleasing digestif to offer guests or enjoy yourself — and get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about Jagermeister, coming soon.

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