Jagermeister Manifest

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After graduating college, or moving out of your parent’s house, or surmounting some other coming-of-age milestone, you may have decided to leave the world of Jager Bombs behind you, trading that herby, licorice-y, vaguely medicinal spirit plus Red Bull for something perhaps amber colored, aged in oak, served neat and sipped, not slammed. The makers of Jagermeister would like you to reconsider.

Calling it the first “worldwide super-premium herbal liqueur” Jagermeister Manifest adds a few more herbs to the original 56 that go into their signature green bottle, and they made the maturation process more involved — using both small and large oak casks and letting the blend age for more than twelve months. The result is bottled at a slightly higher ABV (38% compared to the usual 36%) and has a flavor that’s grown up Jager. More dark fruit and vanilla, less anise and less sweetness. It’s a bit like running into that guy who was first in line for keg stands at every party — and now he’s wearing a tie. – Learn More

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