The James Brand Hells Canyon Chef’s Knife

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Yes, food tastes better when it’s cooked and consumed outside, over fire, under the open sky. But recreating the practical convenience of a modern kitchen at a campsite ain’t easy. Which is the exact reason The James Brand created their latest knife — to make cooking outdoors feel more like cooking at home. As only the second fixed blade knife from the minimalist knife-making pros, the Hells Canyon Chef’s knife combines portability with professional kitchen mojo, and looks pretty slick in the process.

The generous five-inch blade has a G10-scaled handle with an overall length of ten inches. In this case, portable doesn’t mean tiny. It comes with a molded Kydex sheath and an included lanyard for safer transport and carry. Pack it with your get-gone gear and take it someplace far off and wild to cook up the best meal you’ve had in ages. Of course, it’s so well-designed, you’ll be using this one in the backyard — and it may just find its way into the kitchen as well. 

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