Jeep x Igloo Special Edition Cooler

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Igloo’s Playmate Coolers have been an icon for over five decades now, thanks to their innovative roll top design and tough-as-nails construction. And where they started with just a single color and a couple of sizes, you can now find a Playmate Cooler in a whole rainbow of colors and sizes from six pack to case-ready.

But the new Jeep x Igloo Special Edition Cooler is even cooler than the stock versions. Just take a look at the bespoke sticker design: It’s everything you’d hope for out of a cooler you’ve taken on decades of camping trips, but already pre-stickered for ease and convenience. A seven quart capacity gives enough room for about nine 12 ounce cans, though a six pack will fit nicely with enough ice to keep it cold.

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