Jetboil Stash Compact Stove

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The difference between car camping and backpacking can feel like the difference between streaming the Super Bowl on your phone and actually being Tom Brady. A relatively compact nine-pound cook stove doesn’t mean a thing when your tent-topped Tacoma is just a few feet away. But in a pack, after the first hour, that nine pounds will feel like you’re giving Jason Momoa a piggyback ride. The just-over seven ounces of Jetboil’s Stash stove? That’s more like it. 

Jetboil built their reputation on designing super compact, ultra efficient stoves for making early morning coffee and rehydrating late afternoon chili mac when you’re miles from the nearest kitchen. The Stash is an improvement over their previous lightweight wonder, the Zip by a full 40 percent reduction in weight. 

In fact, this happens to be Jetboil’s smallest and most compact stove system ever. The pot uses Jetboil’s signature flux ring tech which boils water faster while using half as much fuel. All packed up, the cook pot holds the burner, the fuel can, and the stabilizer in a neat and tidy package and when it’s all set up, you can even set a different pan or pot atop the burner. All you add is the food, the water, and the willingness to leave the comfort of civilization miles behind you. 

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