Jetpack Speeder Flying Motorcycle

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Black Friday Sales

The key to seeing all of our science fictional imaginings come to life is to just not die. New stuff that yesterday said was impossible is coming out with the dawning of every new day. To wit: The flying motorcycle. California company Jetpack Aviation has been designing vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (VTOL) for a decade. The Jetpack Speeder Flying Motorcycle is now available for preorder. 

Four turbo jet engines will run on diesel or kerosene, producing up to 1200 pounds of thrust. It’ll have a max speed of 150 miles per hour, a max altitude of 15,000 feet, and a 30 minute run time. It needs the area the size of a car to take off and land, bringing its utility to a city near you. 

You already know the riding position from studying speeder bike scenes in Star Wars, but you’ll also get training from JPA prior to taking possession of your Speeder. After all, when it comes to personal flying contraptions, more instruction is always better. The Speeders will go for just over $300k and JPA only plans on making 20 recreational versions. The rest will be reserved for the military. 

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Black Friday Sales