Jot Ultra Coffee

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In the battle to be the best instant coffee out there, one more entrant has thrown its hat into the ring. Jot coffee is a liquid concentrate that packs fourteen cups of joe into one small glass bottle. Add a tablespoon to eight ounces of cold water and ice and you have an iced coffee. Add a tablespoon to eight ounces of hot milk and you have yourself a latte. Other uses come to mind too… Mocha brownies, energy-boost smoothies, an iced Irish coffee. 

The flavor is smooth and the flavor is pure, thanks to the organic, fair trade beans. Their process — progressive, reverse gravitational extraction — sounds like something developed over at NASA and allows for maximum flavor extraction (without over-extracting) while getting thirty percent more yield per bean. Now any morning when time is of the essence you have an easy fix for pure coffee. And while the glass bottle might not be the best candidate for a camping trip, we hear it’s pretty easy to pour liquid from one container into another.

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