Kammok Wallaby Hammock

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What’s better in the summer than kicking back for some afternoon shut-eye in a comfortable hammock? Kicking back in a hammock as reliable, well-made and easily usable as the Kammok Wallaby Hammock, that’s what.

For under $100, the Kammok Wallaby Hammock is what the brand calls ultra-portable and ultra-light — not normally the traits that spring to mind when thinking of a hammock. The accompanying Python Straps can suspend the hammock between anchor points up to 20 feet apart, and you needn’t worry about any issues there — the hammock itself is made with 40D diamond ripstop fabric that’s also tear-resistant.

In total, the hammock only weighs 10oz., a ridiculously light weight compared to most hammocks. It’s especially ready for your next camping or hiking adventure given its durability. Heck, even the hammock’s carrying sack is water-resistant — yes indeed, the Kammok Wallaby Hammock should last and last … and last through the summer. – $94

Kammok Python Straps

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