Kershaw Tinder Personal Axe

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You’re camping. You need to: open a bottle, hammer a tent peg, tighten a hex bolt and chop some kindling. Perfect. That’s 4 different tools. Or maybe not. Jumping into the brilliant “carry less, do more” mentality comes the Tinder Personal Axe from Kershaw.

It’s a full-tang steel axe with a glass-filled nylon grip and a BlackWash protective finish. But it’s also a 4-size hex wrench and a bottle opener. The back of the head is a hammer and the axe does a little crowbar action with the built-in pry point. You almost expect it to tie your shoelaces and make you breakfast. (It doesn’t do that.)

The whole thing comes in at a little over 10 inches and weighs just under a pound. An included plastic blade protector makes the Tinder a readily packable item that will come in handy 5 times over. And over again. – Buy It

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