Key Titan

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While there are certain essentials you can leave the house without, surely no one would argue that you can’t leave the house without your keys handy, locked and loaded. Enter the Key Titan, a nifty, well-crafted key organizer available via Kickstarter pre-funding right now. It’s already topped its funding goal thanks to discerning enthusiasts who need a way to get a handle on their keys, and we’d urge you to join that crowd as quickly as you can.

As the brand says, it’s “streamlined solution” to take care of your keys while also providing you with a bottle opener and slip wrench in one small, durable and rugged package. You also get your pick of designs that can handle up to 10 keys — yes, 10. That’s more than enough to take you all throughout your day, from workshop to garage to studio and back. And again, if you back this project early, you’ll continually reap the rewards. – $21+

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