KeySmart CleanLight Air Purifier

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We’re all thinking about the air we breathe. Probably more than we ever thought we would. Short of becoming bubble people and/or never leaving our beds again, we’ve got to get innovative. And innovation is sort of KeySmart’s stock-in-trade. You probably know them as the people who turned jangly keychains into sleek organized units, but since their launch back in 2013, they’ve been keeping busy. 

Their CleanLight Air Purifier is another offering in their Clean Product lineup of pandemic-focused fare, joining a tray that sterilizes your EDC and a key that lets you punch in your ATM pin without coming into contact with a high-touch keypad. The CleanLight is an upright cylinder that’s small enough to fit in a car’s cupholder and uses a USB power source. With a whisper-quiet motor to move the air around, a UV-C LED light to kill germs, and a HEPA filter, the CleanLight kills 99.9% of airborne pathogens (including viruses and bacteria) and removes 99% of particles from the air (think pet dander and smoke).

Since it can purify a 160 square-foot area, the car is this thing’s ideal home. Uber and Lyft drivers will breathe (literally) a sigh of relief with an air purifier parked in the center console. The rest of us can use it in the car or at our desks, just enjoying the fact that at least the space immediately surrounding our heads is somewhat under control.  

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