KeySmart Pro With Tile

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We always liked the idea of Tile, the little bluetooth trackers shaped like, well, tiles that you stick in or attach to stuff you may tend to lose. Wallets, bags, or in this case, keys. The only problem is the Tiles themselves are yet another thing to carry around. The point of minimal carry is to reduce the number, not add to it. Which is why we’re pretty sure the KeySmart Pro with Tile is one of the more brilliant things you can add to your EDC. It’s got the capability of a Tile, but housed in a sleek key organizer.

It’ll hold up to 10 keys, plus a car fob, and comes with a built in LED flashlight (rechargeable) and a bottle opener. Get the Tile app (free) location tracking to locate your keys should you ever misplace them. Not sure where the keys are in a given room? Use the app to activate a ringtone on your keys. Know where your keys are but not your phone? Push a button on your KeySmart to make your phone ring (even on silent). Lost stuff no longer lost, plus an organized design. Win and win. – Shop Now

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